ikoo origins & values

Take a behind-the-scenes look on our founders and origin story.

ikoo brushes

All our ikoo brushes detangle, massage, and is the perfect accessory for anyone serious about their hair.

Our paddle brushes are made exclusively for blow drying, detangling, smoothing, and giving you goddess–worthy hair.

ikoo electricals

One tool, infinite hair styles: With our E-Styler Pro you can create straight, waves, and volume!

A “fun” sized tool that straightens and smooths hair anywhere, anytime.

ikoo infusions

An innovative hair wrap that brings you silky, gorgeous hair in minutes.

Our innovative and fawned over Thermal Treatment Wrap formula is now available in a jar but with new tricks.

Leave-in sprays that are a power couple of extracts and oils to deliver visible and smooth results.

A dry shampoo foam that is luxurious, fluffy, and works and smells better than a tired and dull spray.

Our portfolio wouldn’t be complete without our shampoos and conditioners. Made to deliver results while staying clean and natural.

ikoo ritual