All our paddle brushes, big or small, are made exclusively for blow drying, detangling, smoothing, and giving you goddess–worthy hair. The bristle pad detangles and smooths without any static while offering a relaxing massage to the scalp based on Chinese massage techniques.


The „X“ acts as a vent to release the flow of excess heat that could be damaging to the hair. This allows for more voluminous, fuller styles without the stress to the strands.


Our chessboard bristle architecture is designed with short and long bristles. This allows them to yield elastically as soon as they come across knots and loosens the tangles. Like the ikoo brush, this chessboard architecture is also based on traditional Chinese massage techniques in order to give you a relaxing scalp massage as you detangle.

We deliberately chose a large paddle, so that the air from the hair dryer is used optimally – creating a large volume effect and great results. All brushes are ergonomically designed to fit the hand regardless if you‘re left or right handed. The brush has a slight concave design which allows it to curve against the scalp, making it easier for the bristles to pick up hair when blow drying.


ikoo brushes are made of precious resin and handmade acrylic allowing it to be easily cleaned with just soap and water. A special plug-in system allows it to be waterproof and cruelty-free and vegan!

How to use

Detangle: Take a large section of hair in hand then pull the bristles through the hair to tangle knots gently.

Blow dry: Use on DAMP or on dry hair after detangling. Starting from the roots, tilt the side of the brush and point towards the blow dryer.

Pro Tip: Avoid pointing a hair dryer directly on the brush for long periods to prevent bristles from melting and to preserve its longevity.


Designed with an innovative attachment system. No animal glue was used. We never test on animals, insects included.


Fits the hand regardless if you’re left or right-handed. Concave shape follows the palm as well as the curve of the head. Finger pressure point allows for a firm grip while brushing.


The bristle architecture is designed to bring you a wellness scalp massage based on Chinese massage techniques.


The Paddle X brush can be used on wet or dry hair the natural rubber grip aids full control even when the hands are wet.


The “X” acts as a vent to release the flow of excess hot air for more voluminous styles without the stress to hair.


Paddle X (large)

Made with a large bristle pad to smooth and dry large sections of hair.

Paddle X Pops (small)

Made primarily for anyone with shorter hair or as a travel companion, our “Pops” are smaller but delivers the same results as its big sister.

We do not use any glue, instead our brushes are connected with secure attachment system – giving them that extra fabulous feature of being cruelty-free and vegan.

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