Our Dry Shampoo Foams are your sans-water cleanser that remove dirt and oils. A more luxurious application than a spray, our foams can also add texture to hair for better hold when styling. No more leftover powder residue, just gorgeous, long-lasting hair for days.

How to use

1. Shake bottle well

2. Spray a walnut sized amount
onto palm. Do not use too much product at the start, you can always add more if needed.

3. Massage product into roots, starting from underneath and working hands to the top.

Tilt head upside down as this allows you to spread the foam better into the roots.

4. Scrunch product onto the roots or spread through with a brush/comb but be careful NOT to spread to the lengths or ends of the hair.

5. Use a styling tool or a brush to lift roots or reshape or revive your style

Hydrate & shine

Function & Benefits

Refreshes hair without water. Adds texture, moisture, and lightweight shine.


For dry, brittle hair

Active Ingredients

Panthenol: Moisturizing panthenol protects the hair and gives it a natural, weightless shine.


Blend of basil, jasmine, and patchouli combined to make hair smell like a bed of flowers.

Color protect & repair

Function & Benefits

Refreshes hair without water. Adds texture. Helps to repair hair and extend its brilliance.


For damaged or colored hair

Active Ingredients

Lichiderm: An active ingredient that helps protect hair from the nasty rays of the sun as well as free radicals.


A signature note of lavender, orange blossom, and bergamot embodies a romantic scent.

Boost & refresh

Function & Benefits

Refreshes hair without water. Adds texture, nourishes, and helps boost hair.


For flat, thin hair


Active Ingredients

Rice starch: Absorbs excess oils and gives hair the fluff and the volume.


Soft fragrance of bergamot, iris, and jasmine that will have your hair smelling like baby powder and designer perfume.


No parabens

No sls/sles

No silicones

No microplastic


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