ikoo is innovative & high-performing

Boring doesn‘t exist in our dictionary. As a brand, we are always challenging ourselves to find that new or surprising product. Led by a detail-oriented founder, we carefully curate products from outside in, making sure the design and clean formulations are equally important as delivering visible results.

ikoo has attitude

Cheeky, fresh, but still classy—we keep up a playful Rolodex of rhymes, raps, and puns that make it so we can tell stories about hair without ever spoon-feeding dreary facts. Treating or styling your hair shouldn’t feel like a daily chore but one that is effortless and rewarding.

ikoo is female first

Not to be political, but women still have a long way to go. Either when it comes to society or when it comes to busting conservative beauty standards. So we want to be bold and unapologetic and say that our brand is for females first. We work hard to inspire and empower all women of any hair type, race, creed, shape, or shoe size.

We care about your hair size, not your dress size.

ikoo is clean & free

At ikoo, we believe innovation does not stop with design or form but is also reflected in the ingredients that we use to formulate our products. Using natural ingredients as a base, we don‘t care if the formulations use synthetics, it just needs to be safe, clean, and high-performing. With this unbroken belief, we seek to create products that do not harm humans and animals, insects included.

That is our freelosophy.

If you spot our Freelosophy logo on our products, it is our way of saying that this product is formulated without harmful ingredients.

All our products are Peta approved and Cruelty-Free.

During a creative session on choosing a brand ambassador, only one person came to mind. Instead of celebrity stylists or famed Instagram influencers, the founders wanted to give the nod to the wellness coach that helped give the brand it‘s beginning.

Lola became the ikoo Hair Care Guru in 2017. Since then, she has become the symbol of our hair revolution not only to educate and teach the best hair care practices but, more importantly, to put forward our values of hair confidence, female first, and diversity.

As an illustration, she can be ever-evolving, ever-morphing — giving our brand a refreshing uniqueness by having an iconized, symbolic face. Eyes closed, lips pursed – hair always on point.

Lola‘s message is simple:

You don‘t have to fit in to have
great hair.

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