Christopher von Hallwyl

Founder & Managing Director

A design enthusiast from a young age, Christopher can trace the birth of ikoo from his time working at Porsche Design in New York City. He worked directly with the executive board that managed the brand within the Americas. From this experience alone, he was inspired to create a brand that embodies the basics where Porsche was built: Ergonomic, high-performing, and innovative designs.

Katrin von Hallwyl

Founder & Managing Director

Katrin is a lover of all things beautiful. For almost a decade, she co-directed a company that supplied each component and accessories within luxury private jets and high-class aviation. Yet it was her honest and humble upbringing in the countryside of Bavaria, that pushed her to create a conscious brand built on clean, uncomplicated beauty. She wanted to create products that she would use; one that is non-toxic to humans and animals.


During a visit to a café in Munich, they noticed a woman who was brushing her hair in public. This is not something one does in polite society, especially in Germany. They took this as the first insight to create a brand that will disrupt preconceived beauty etiquettes and instead give a fashionable and new experience to hair care.

But they were missing that one unique twist.

At the time, both suffered from constant migraines. After a visit with a wellness coach, they were recommended to go through a scalp massage based on traditional Chinese techniques. It worked. She also taught them the fundamentals of clean and natural ingredients.

This wellness coach gave them the final piece of the puzzle to create a holistic brand that balanced innovation, high-performance with clean beauty.

All of their learnings, in combination, gave birth to their first product: the ikoo brush.

So where does the name ikoo come from?

A large part of brand recognition lies in the name; therefore, the founders wanted to seek out a name that was punchy and can be globally pronounced.
They landed on a portmanteau of their names, Katrin and Kiko, Christopher’s nickname.

Cool huh?


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