We are an indie brand, so we understand the importance of providing
a unique and engaging service that sets us apart from the competition.

That’s why we never stop in expanding our portfolio with innovative &
products, always keeping in mind your client’s happy hair.

We don’t want to just focus on providing products, our interest is also
in offering a service that will support your business.

Function & benefits

Consultation & Wellness

Step 1: Get to Know Your Client
Get your Client comfortable and use this time to detangle their hair using the ikoo brush detangler or the Paddle X brush. Gossip, tell stories, have a good laugh, and gain some trust!

Step 2 : Scalp Massage
With the ikoo brush or the Paddle X brush, begin the scalp massage from the left temple and gently glide it over the scalp to the nape of the neck. Repeat the same process on the right side of the head. On the third stroke, take the brush from the center forehead and glide it back to the nape of the neck. Repeat the whole process 10 times for a total of 30 strokes.


Step 3: Time to Get Clean

Escort your Client to the backwash. After getting them settled, begin by rinsing their hair and rub in one of our high-performing shampoos.

Use the guide below depending on hair type:

  • Damaged hair › An Affair to Repair
  • Brittle & Dry Hair › No Frizz, No Drama
  • Flat, Thin Hair › Don’t Apologize, Volumize
  • For all hair types › Talk the Detox

Provide an extended head massage with the ikoo brush. Press the bristles gently on the scalp and massage the formula in slow, circular motions. This allows for a thorough cleanse as well as give an extra wellness massage as a special treat. Repeat if required.

Hint: The ikoo brush has a unique plug-in system that allows them to be waterproof and easily cleaned after every use.

Hair Smoothie Treatment

Step 4: Get Creative!

Select one of our ikoo Deep Caring Masks that best suits your Client’s needs:

  • Damaged, Color Treated Hair › Color Protect & Repair
  • Dry, Brittle Hair › Hydrate & Shine
  • Excessively Damaged Hair › Detox & Balance

Work the formula into the Client’s hair with your fingertips. Provide your Client with a relaxing massage as you work the product into the hair. Leave the Deep Caring Hair Mask on their hair for 5-10 minutes for maximum results.

All of our Deep Caring Masks can also be mixed like a smoothie! So if you feel they need that extra boost of goodness; take a bowl and mix according to the guide below:

*Tip: We suggest painting on the mixture with a dye brush to create that extra-theatre in the salon just to get everyone jealous.

Style Away

Step 5: Cut & Style
Escort your Client back to the styling chair, cut and style as desired, finishing off with a blow dry using our Paddle X brush and maybe create some gorgeous waves with our E-styler Pro.


Step 6: That’s a Wrap!
Why not show your Client the importance of maintaining ther hair between visits by providing them with a FREE Thermal Treatment Wrap, just because you care!


“Behind every strong woman is her hairstylist.”

Love Lola



30 brushes strokes using our ikoo detangler or Paddle X = $ 0.00

Shampoo & extended head massage Cost = $ 0.23

Hair Smoothie Treatment:
Deep Caring Treatment Cost = $ 0.52

Take Home:
Product for hair maintenance
Thermal Treatment Wrap = $4



Daily Revenue: $60

Weekly Revenue: $300

Yearly: $15,600

Cost of product: $2,470

PROFIT: $13,130

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