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e-styler pro – ikoo

Let us introduce the E-Styler Pro: One tool, infinite possibilities. Armed 52 individual heated ceramic plates, you can straighten hair into a silky finish. With the innovative Side Waves Function, you can create effortless waves through simple twisting movements. Add volume by teasing or lifting from the roots.

With five individual heat settings, the temperature can be optimally adjusted between 150°C – 230°C /302° F – 446° F. Choose what works for your hair!

The innovative One-Touch-Navigation Display lights up as soon as the desired temperature is reached – a Memory Function remembers the previous setting. The Ionic Technology then ensures, frizz-free and silky results!

How to use

silky straight

1. Use the E-Styler Pro on DRY, detangled hair only.

2. Again, depending on the thickness of hair, take a portion of hair in hand. Press the E-Styler Pro’s “bristles” from the roots, pulling and lifting hair from scalp (to give volume) and pull through from root-tip in a slow careful motion.

3. Use from the inside too, to make sure all of your hair is worked. Leave on the ends for an extra second to add shape and shine.

Pro Tip: Hold the ends of the hair with tension as you pull to give you smoother and shinier results.


1. Use the E-Styler Pro on DRY, detangled hair only.

2. Turn on Side Waves Function, wrap a section of hair (smaller than the width of the tool) around the heated bristles and pull away, from root to tip in a slow, careful motion.

3. Once all the hair is untwisted, use one finger to twist and untwist styled section to ensure wave.

4. Leave at the ends for an extra second to create a better shape at the ends.

Pro Tip: Do not shake the hair out until it has completely cooled down. This is so the style will last much longer.


Easily set turn the tool on and off, change temperature, or turn on the ionic function with just one finger. The One-Touch-Navigation will illuminate as the tool warm ups to your desired temperature or setting.


The large front plate as well as the individual plates all distribute heat evenly to style hair without pressing on the cuticle for less stress and happier hair. Each plate is coated to help protect the skin from the heat.


Con be manually turned on or off. Creates natural, smooth waves.


The knobs on the back are there by design. Each one assists in guiding the hair to allow for a tight grip so they do not slip as you create waves.


Assists in sealing the cuticle for less frizz, less stress, and silkier, happier hair.


Memory Function Technology memorizes the  previous setting on the tool.


Automatic shutdown installed after 20 minutes For a stress-free hair care experience.


 Allows ease for flexibility while styling.


2,6m / 8.5ft




150°C – 230°C / 302° F – 446° F

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